This was a post that I wrote on our FaceBook group: Changing the emotions of Caregiving.

I want to write about something that may seem obvious but it keeps coming up and I would like you to take some time to really think about it. When we become caregivers, none of us were given any training, skills, support, preparation or techniques to manage what is probably “the hardest job in the world”. Instead, it was just assumed that this role would be something that we can carry on our backs with everything else that is going on in our lives and that we will continue to cope and do what is expected to provide care for our loved one.

With all the technology and developments in science that are happening today, the fact that we live in a world that treats caregivers in this way is very sad. It means our role has not been properly researched, is still undervalued from a financial point of view (but all that is changing now) and that the right minds are still not coming together to offer an optimal experience for caregivers which is not only what we deserve but also what we should be expecting, to do this profoundly important and loving role.

Instead, we go into this role without even a lifeline and I am here to tell you, IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THISWAY. The reason I can say this, is that I am seeing that even with minimal support and intervention, people are beginning to rebuild their lives and find ways to experience true peace of mind and happiness. This isn’t a fake advertisement, this is based on science and on our ability to change the way we experience our day to day through very specific practices and information.

My mission, if you want to call it that, is to create that new operating system for caregivers. The one that shows up when a person is told that something has happened to their loved one, and says, “now dear caregiver, we know what this role is all about, we know how it is going to impact you, we know what aspects of it need to be addressed daily and we know that if you do the work we are asking of you, you will come out of this experience as a new, improved, more resilient and happier version of yourself.”

I am not making this up… ask the caregivers in our FaceBook group who have done this work on themselves. They are ordinary people like you and me who were willing to explore themselves and their experience because they did not want to suffer any longer. I am saying all this because I too, went on this path and now, my job is to turn this healing process, into a science that will change the emotional experience of caregiving forever.

For one reason or another, you have found your way to this group. There is a reason you are here. You want to understand yourselves more. You want tools to manage your role more effectively. You want to get your lives back. You want to be able to say that this caregiving thing is not just about being an extraordinary person for another human being, but also about being an extraordinary person for yourself.

This is the opportunity that caregiving presents.I am asking you to join our FREE coaching program at this time because your feedback really matters. I am also asking you to invite other caregivers to this group who you think might value from this new approach. There are so many questions I have to truly make this program the most valuable and effective it can be. We are creating this out of the sand into the most beautiful sculpture and that will only come through your participation and willingness to explore yourselves and experiment.