Why we are doing this

Rezilient is changing the way family caregivers view themselves and the role of caregiving. For too long caregivers have been made to feel as if they are helpless victims without the tools, preparation, awareness or support to feel empowered or good about themselves. Today we know, when it comes to our experience and perceptions, a person is much more in the driver’s seat than they might think. We predict, construct, and act. We are an architect of our experience.

Using a combination of neuroscience, technology, mindfulness, caregiver wisdom, and community our behavior change, coaching platform helps caregivers approach their challenges with a new mindset that can be the key to attaining the joy and fulfilment that every human deserves. It’s time to stop preaching self-care without explaining why and how. Caregivers need real tools, practices, protocols and a much higher level of awareness so that they can address the challenges of their role and transform.

What is Rezilient

Rezilient lives and breathes the complex daily, emotional challenges of family caregiving. Our mission is to change how caregivers and their loved ones succeed in the challenge of home-based care. We monitor and assess physiological and self-reported parameters of family caregivers, learn lifestyle preferences and predict caregiver burden. Our coaching program keeps caregivers on track, in order to provide better patient care, maintain work productivity and avoid the long-term physical and emotional decline associated with caregiving. Rezilient goes to the heart of the family caregiving experience by focusing on the health and wellbeing of 50M people who provide the backbone of care in the US today.

About our founder

Tanya Yarkoni,  Founder &  CEO

In my early thirties, I thought I had it all. A great marketing career in New York, a happy marriage, the birth of my first daughter. Then my second daughter was born and everything started to unravel. Leia is nonverbal, Autistic, and requires 24/7 care. As the primary family caregiver, I put my career on hold, moved back to Israel to be closer to family and experienced endless grief, stress and eventual burnout.

Not finding anywhere to run, I began to explore life-changing techniques which provided new coping strategies, habits and skills which today allow me to live a more balanced and happier life. In 2018 I founded Rezilient in order to improve the lives and wellbeing of caregivers everywhere.

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