Why We Are Doing This

Caregiving presents an impending public health crisis

43 million adults in the US, or 20% of the US workforce, are providing free care annually to someone with a serious health condition. As we all live longer, our current systems of managing care and all those impacted by care including patients, providers, caregivers, families, economies and workplaces is changing. The healthcare industry is failing to address the challenges associated with caregiving. We need a new way to care.

Caregivers neglect their own health

Almost half of unpaid family caregivers put the health of the person they are caring for before their own. For many, this results in clinically significant symptoms of depression and physical health deterioration, with reports of chronic conditions twice the normal rate. Repeated exposure to caregiving tasks can lead to significant symptoms of trauma and PTSD, known as Caregiver Trauma.

Personalized coaching, support and training

The central role of family caregiving usually comes without preparation and guidance. The combination of grief, responsibility and life changes can be overwhelming. Most are frequently exhausted and suffering from chronic stress.

To support caregivers throughout their journey, we’ve developed a methodology to generate  highly-trained coaches who will guide our members through the Rezilient Caregiver Training Method. Our training protocol is integrated with cognitive behavior therapy, and developed by our team of research, psychological, clinical and caregiving professionals.

Healthy caregivers needed

As the central force of the care team that provides a stable home environment for loved ones with chronic illnesses, healthy family caregivers are essential to maintaining long term home care and productivity at work. The beneficiaries of emotionally balanced caregivers are the employers who will see less absenteeism and better focus at work, insurers and payers who will provide far less facility care and support, saving money and effort, while keeping families together.

About Our Founders

Tanya Yarkoni, Founder
Chief Product Officer

In my early thirties, I thought I had it all. A great marketing career in New York, a happy marriage, the birth of my first daughter. Then my second daughter was born and everything started to unravel. Leia is nonverbal, Autistic, and requires 24/7 care. As the primary family caregiver, I put my career on hold, moved back to Israel to be closer to family and experienced endless grief, stress and eventual burnout.

Not finding anywhere to run, I began to explore life-changing techniques which provided new coping strategies, habits and skills which today allow me to live a more balanced and happier life. In 2018 I founded Rezilient in order to improve the lives and wellbeing of caregivers everywhere.

Sherman Sall, Co-Founder

I am a serial entrepreneur who started in ed tech and eventually exited from a successful casino gaming company I co-founded and launched as Chief Strategist. I went on to invest, found and consult several startups, while caring for my mother with dementia until she was placed in a memory care facility. After running into Tanya having not seen her in many years, I understood I could use the full depth of my experiences to join her and make Rezilient my cause as well.