How to stop the voice in the head? Do you know what I am talking about? It’s the constant scripts and stories and narratives that we tell ourselves all day long. It’s the stuff that keeps us worrying at night and pre-empting moments that in most cases, never even happen. Why do we do this? It’s our way of dealing with the unpredictable. We have become so adept at thinking ahead, or imaging the worst, that we don’t allow ourselves (or remind ourselves) to be in the present. We also don’t remind ourselves, that actually most of our thoughts which we believe are true, are in fact, illusions. They are a figment of our imagination and we allow them to rule us. This isn’t just a cliche. It’s actually profound and essential to understanding how much misery we create for ourselves. This is the place, where real work can be done immediately with incredible results. Listen to Eckhart and watch this space to see how much relief we are going to get from changing this habit.