Life is Stressful

Rezilient is a behavior change coaching platform for family caregivers.

Our specialized skills-building program prevents family caregiver burnout and chronic stress. Using our engaging mobile app, trained coaches help caregivers transition into their role, and build the skills and emotional resilience they need to find a new way to care.  Employers, insurers and payers all benefit from resilient caregivers who provide long term care to loved ones at home, while improving productivity at work.


So how does the

product work?

Personalized Coaching

Caregivers, guided through the app-based Rezilient Training Method, communicate via video, voice and text. Sessions are scheduled for real time interaction with in-between texting, chat and support.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Machine learning and sentiment analysis learn the interactions and lifestyles of caregivers to provide predictive interventions, personalization and optimized training with our lovable chatbot and trained coaches.

Unique Protocol

A caregiver-specific training program designed by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. An integrated blend of CBT, caregiver burden scales, mindfulness and front line motivation from experienced caregivers.

Million Family Caregivers in the US


Billion Hours of Care Provided


Billion Dollars Estimated Economic Value


Billion Dollars Lost Productivity to Eldercare

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An engaging app-based product

The Rezilient app makes it easy to transform and de-stress

Everyday your home screen will provide your personalized lessons and schedule, offer you activities to help you get through your day and track your progress through the program. Your coach is a tap away at all times.

Part of the Rezilient program is a method of collecting Sense Data. These are data points that help the caregivers understand how role overload is effecting them and allows the coaches to personalize their counseling.

We’ve taken an entertaining approach to the challenge of personal transformation and ending stress for family caregivers through the lens of role overload. Short, motivational videos and interactive exercises will stimulate and encourage our members on their journey, guided by a personal coach.

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